Experience in the use of Erogen X

Family life Erik in Stockholm many years ago, didn't work out too well, due to the small size of the member. Very worried, but I decided to buy gel Erogen X. The device helped her to have the family together, and Eric's a common experience to use the tools.

Eric bought Erogen X to increase the member states

"I got married very early, that was my first and only love of my life. My wife is a little older than I am before meeting me, was in a serious relationship. He was the first in bed, before her I was a virgin.

I have to say that I'm very shy on the intimate stuff, but my wife is a sexual bomb. He wants sex, day and night, now slightly abated, but the first time after the wedding, he never left me. I brought you joy, a pleasant feeling was confused by only one thing – the size of a member.

Why wife got me to change

The cock is barely up to the level of 11 cm, and I'm always very worried. Wife sometimes laughed at him, called him a "child", laughed with him, but I always felt a slight sneer. I used a sex toy, a rubber member, took over the tasks. I'm used to this, until he learned that my wife was cheating on me.

This was a big blow to the ego, I talked to him seriously. He assured me that a new lover is only interested in sex, because he misses his real manhood. I still hurt, I was sitting in the room, but then I started thinking about how to increase your penis.

The website was enough – you can choose between gels, injections, and surgery. I chose the former. Gel to increase penis Erogen X apparently, reliable medicine I found the connection to the men who used, wrote one of them, but we have confirmed that your penis is larger than 3 cm in two weeks.

I have patience myself gel penis enlargement Erogen X started to do, as written in the instructions. Clearly told how to use the gel, problems in the use of tools was not. The penis was filled with blood immediately after application, very much like the sex. And then there was a little down, but the desire didn't disappear. I didn't say anything to the wife, and not talking.

10 days after I made the first measurements of the member states is very increased by 1.2 cm I'm happy to make the gel. Full the cock grew in the month 4.5 cm Now I was ready to take advantage of, and I was waiting for the right moment.

After use Erogen X the family, the happiness

The results using gel Erogen X + 3 cm

One night the wife decided to make peace with me. He came in, he started talking about what he's missing, that he loves me and wants to be with me. He apologized, saying that her boyfriend in addition to members, nothing else can be seen. I hugged her and I kissed her, then went to bed.

When he saw the rooster Hot, froze, then exclaimed, not realizing that with him. I told him what was used Erogen X. He was impressed by the result, but on the face I realized what she wanted. It was in such a passion, many years ago. She screamed, the pleasure, and my senses were sharper, ten times.

So consult to the wife, who I'm in love again. I have a family full mutual understanding. It took 3 months, a member has remained the same, but I plan to repeat the course to achieve even better results.

Erogen X no, because I side effects. The gel is spent economically, it was the same package for a month. It is very effective. You don't have to bear it, if you are not satisfied with your penis size, this can be corrected. Help gel Erogen X".