How to enlarge the penis with a nozzle?

Faucet for penis enlargement - removable device used to visually enlarge the penis and prolong intercourse. They are made of elastic and hypoallergenic materials, do not cause adverse reactions and do not affect the microflora of the mucous membranes of the genitals.

Penis enlargement attachment

Nozzles are sold in specialized stores for intimate goods. One obvious advantage of sex toys is an instant increase in penis length and thickness.

Loyalty manufacturers produce nozzles of various shapes, colors, densities and functions.

Some of them are additionally equipped with vibrating elements, with the help of which additional stimulation of the genital areas (clitoris, anus) is carried out in women during intercourse.

Types of nozzles

Special nozzles for penis enlargement not only allow immediate changes in the parameters of the reproductive organs, but also diversify your sex life. There are so many devices sold in intimacy stores that it's not always possible to find the wide range of sex toys on offer. Conventionally, all types of devices for the penis can be divided into several categories:

  • stretching - increase the length of the reproductive organs;
  • thickening - increase in diameter (circumference) of the penis;
  • vibrating - equipped with vibrating elements, with the help of which stimulation of the genital areas is carried out;
  • dual - consists of two parts: a "cover" for the penis and an additional silicone process, which is inserted into the anus;
  • embossed - has a non-standard shape and has irregular veins on the surface.

Special devices used to increase the diameter of the penis often have special limitations. They do not allow the penis to go too deep into the vagina during sex. This reduces the chance of injury to your partner during intercourse (sex).

It should be understood that removable penis enlargement sprays provide only temporary effects and enhance sensations for your partner during intercourse.

However, doctors warn that using devices that are too large often cause microscopic cracks in the formation of elastic (vaginal) muscles. This can then lead to genital inflammation or the development of genital infections.

Functional features

The penis enlargement sex toy has a very simple design. As a rule, they are made of elastic material, so they do not contribute to a violation of blood circulation in the penis during intercourse. Some men refuse to use such devices on the grounds that they significantly reduce the sensitivity of the tip of the penis.

The creators of the special nozzle have developed two types of sex toys that can satisfy almost any man's desire:

  • open - through the nozzle that is worn directly on the shaft of the penis, therefore, does not reduce the sensitivity of the glans;
  • closed - has the form of a condom that should cover the head and body of the penis.

These penis enlargement tips are preferred by men who cannot deal with premature ejaculation. Decreased penile sensitivity contributes to longer intercourse and, consequently, later ejaculation. Openers can only be used to thicken the reproductive organs. In the convenience store you can buy a variety of nozzles that differ in shape, color and function. Some of them have a flesh tone and therefore practically do not differ from the skin color of the penis.

Specific nozzle

Dual nozzle - a special device designed for double penetration. With the help of such sex toys, you can not only increase the length and diameter of the penis, but also provide additional stimulation of the anus during sex. As a rule, such devices have a small penis in the anus, which is almost impossible to damage the sphincter tissue during anal sex.

Importance!It is not recommended to use the double nozzle if the partner has inflammation of the lower rectum or hemorrhoids.

Embossed sex toys with spikes and metal balls are among the most unsafe accessories. Embossing devices that are just strong enough can injure the tissues of the vagina during intercourse, which can cause serious discomfort. To diversify your partner's sensations during intercourse, it is recommended to use a penis enlargement nozzle equipped with a flexible procedure for clitoris stimulation. According to the results of a sociological investigation, such sex toys are the most preferred by women, using additional stimulants.

erection ring

An erection ring is a silicone-made clamp that blocks the flow of venous blood from the cavernous bodies of the penis to the outside. Before sex, they are worn on an erect penis, fixing it at the very base of the penis. With the help of such a device, you can increase the length and width of the penis by 1. 5-2 cm, as well as prolong the erection for several hours.

The classic erection ring looks like a monolithic rubber collar, worn directly to the penis and fixed at its base. Such a simple sex toy allows you to quickly increase the size of the penis and at the same time maintain its sensitivity. To date, there are several types of erection rings, which, in addition to penis enlargement, perform additional functions:

  • with a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris;
  • with a "lasso" to reduce the diameter of the ring and enhance erection;
  • with clitoris and anal processes.

Importance!It is not recommended to wear an erection ring for more than 4 hours in a row, as this can cause a violation of blood circulation.

It should be noted that the enlargement pill attachment can only be used by men who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases. Some people choose to wear a permanent erection ring to increase the length and width of the penis. Doctors warn that impaired blood circulation in the tissues can lead to their death.

Materials used

Not many people know that some penis enlargement accessories are made of poor quality and sometimes toxic materials. Regular use of low-grade sex toys will lead to the development of eczema, hives, and inflammation of the penis. In order to prevent side effects, buy only proven products, the quality of which has been confirmed by certificates.

Safe penile spray nozzles are made from materials such as:

  • cyberskin is a hypoallergenic material, the appearance of which almost completely imitates real human skin;
  • futurotic - a thermoplastic elastomer, whose technical characteristics are similar to cyberskin;
  • thermoplastic rubber is a safe elastomer material that does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Medical silicone is a hypoallergenic high-quality material with high thermal conductivity, which almost instantly captures body temperature.

The upper material is elastic, so it does not cause discomfort during use of the nozzle. During the selection of devices for the penis, attention should be paid to the presence of odors. The pungent and unpleasant smell indicates that the material contains toxic plasticizers that can cause allergic reactions and even inflammation.

User manual

To achieve the desired results and avoid complications, you need to use the penile enlargement nozzle correctly. As a rule, sex toy manufacturers treat products with special lubricants to prevent them from spoiling. So, immediately after purchasing the nozzle, you must wash it in a mild soapy solution.

In the process of using the magnifying nozzle, the following points should be noted:

  • before using the sex toy, do not lubricate the penis with lubricant, as it will cause the hose to come off during sex;
  • to avoid discomfort while placing the closed nozzle on the penis, apply a small amount of talcum powder to their inner surface;
  • For painless insertion of the nozzle into the vagina, lubricate its outer surface with a warming lubricant.

Do not use closed nozzles for anal sex, as they can remain inside your partner's rectum. After each use, the sex toy should be cleaned with an antiseptic solution or antibacterial soap. You should then sprinkle the product with talcum powder to prevent sticking to the inner surfaces of the product.